Nov 10, 2009

have a sit down and catch up

first before anything: a million apologies to you and the moon for not blogging sooner than i had hoped.
school has taken over my day to day life, work has taken over my weekends, and meeting some great (and crafty) new faces has taken over any wee bit of time in between. oh yea, and i sleep like a human should...sometimes.

so where do i begin...i guess, school? yes? no? ok.
i freakin' loves it! i know i've mentioned it before but i am undeniably in the right program and its ruling my heart and face so hard. 
we've finished with our silk screening/printing introduction portion and are now onto handmade felting! it has given my brains a near aneurism with all the ideas i've been spitting up.
this wonderful program also has given me great opportunities of sitting in on lectures and artist talks learning about all sorts of things like the ancient and gorgeous craft of Indian block making and printing from Munira Amin and making paper yarn from an adorable and kindlittle lady, Hiroko Karuno.

naturally dyed paper yarn by Hiroko:

I've tagged a couple of things around school campus and have been getting a pinch of attention from it which is a tickling thing. 
for the last while since i've had my account with, i've mostly sold to friends and friends of friends but now some new faces are taking notice of how intense my addiction to the lovely crochet needle can be.
from a light post i did a couple of months ago in the nearby forest, someone got in touch with me and bought a zipper pouch (only five left fyi!) and a card holder keychain. yay new face!
most recently i tagged a bike rack near my textile studio and made sure some rocks stayed cozy:

this piece is about two meters long!

i laid out these rocks last friday and taking a peek in this corner today (four days later) there is just the small blue one left all by its lonesome!
i didn't expect them to stay there very long, in fact a girl majoring in glass told me how she had seen them not where i had left them but when one of her studio mates brought one in to show her and then take it home.
there are so many rocks there and i won't lie after covering a mere eight of them, i'd love love to see the entire pile of them covered! way of my funny heart and crochet needle.

these last few tags have worked out better than i thought to be honest. i keep peeling my eyes open to see what else i can tag and i'll only admit that i have big ideas for the winter. and that's all i will say about that. 

so now, shop stuff? yes? no? ok.
with these last few tags and the lovely swamping of school and work, it's tougher than i thought to squeeze in some good working time. i mean, i guess i could just not tag as much as i have been but i figured i should get people's attention before i post up new things for sale. 
see? i'ms sos smarts.
I wanted to have a bit of new winter gear to post in the shop for basically this week but it's looking like it'll be closer to the end of the month and also maybe just a pretty fistful of things.
i don't have much time to spin off things and toast up hearts to a comfortable and golden crisp partly because of my busy beetle ways lately and also because my beautiful collection of yarn is best suited for crafty things, cozies and monsters.
but i've been as resourceful as i can be with the yarn i do have. that being said, i have every intention of hitting up Romni Wools very soon. 
i want to date that store. :)

so, here is the gist of what has been happening:
1. i'm a very busy beetle but i haven't forgotten about my hearts and crafts. in fact, it's very much in-brains!
2. a few cowls, scarflettes and hobo gloves will be up for sale closing in on the end of November.

in the meantime, i'll try my very bestest to get into the habit of blogging even the teeniest news like i kind of used to...kind of 

now i leave you with possibly the cutest ukele duo: U900
i highly suggest you hunt out the "walk don't run" video if your heart didn't pop after watching this video!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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