Dec 9, 2008

two monsters find a home

i am very happy to say that Nippy and Woolah both have homes now!
Nippy will soon be under the twinkling lights of a christmas tree and Woolah will be, get this: turned into a puppet!

there was talk of animatronics being involved, which would rule my heart to see!
Imagine one of my funny teethed monsters stomping about? the thought alone makes me smile ear to ear. It's still unsure but i'll just have to wait and see how it all goes, exciting news none the less!

with this great news comes a single 'buu': my poor little Twinkles is left to stand alone in the shop!
With xmas around the bend, i'll be busy working on some handmade gifts but don't worry your tired heads, new monsters come out from the strangest places :)

trust me that soon, the shop will have more hearts & crafts!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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