Jan 17, 2009

network partytimes

i've basically finished the belated xmas list for my friends and have now run out of cotton stuffing, a shame really. i'll be going to a couple of parties in these next few weeks for networking and wanted to give homes to my little two legged monsters.

instead i'll be selling the many ipods cozies i've crocheted and the multi-use pouches i've sewn with some help from the mother. apparently i dove into the deep end of the sewing pool with trying to sew zippers when i know just the basics of sewing.

i'm excited to get my shop's name out there to people i don't even know and luckily i have a very good friend to help me print off some business cards to hand out. (thanks mike!) for real after this month, there will be things up for sale in my esty shop! promise :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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