Jun 28, 2009

wrapping the world in yarn

I really do love wrapping things up in yarn or even just picturing things wrapped in yarn in my head. I fell on this website called Knittaplease.com and i was happy to find that i'm not the only one!
A group of knitters go around and basically "tag" random things like light posts, door handles, fire hydrants, etc. with heir unfinished knitted pieces or left over yarn from a previous project.
(check out this Youtube slideshow)

I thought not only does it cover that wee bit of the world but it's an eye candy kind of way to get the name out there. so i've done just that!

last  night i was over a friend's house near my old college and brought with me a bit of left over yarn i had from pouches, monsters and branch wrappings. they were big enough to not throw away but little enough to not really be used for much at all. 
i knew i wanted to do this in the forest path leading to the school and also wanted people to take the Sister Valentine tag home with them so i lamenated some up and pinned them on with safety pins.

wouldn't it be nice to be walking through a sweet teeny forest and suddenly this catches your eye:

i admit that i was on such a happy buzz from doing this that on my bike ride back home, i kept eyeing everything to plan on what to wrap up next! 

internally yours,
Sister Valentine

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