Dec 20, 2010

i've been a busy bee

it's been nearly a month since i last posted and with a very good reason: the semester is officially over.
kind of a scary thought considering that it is also officially my half way mark on completing this lovely crafts and design program, eep!

us second years held another sale to raise money for the third year grad show but this time in The Workroom in Toronto. i'd never been here before but when i saw the wall of fabrics, a cutie pie and nosy dog Macy and a familiar face, i was ready to set up and have a sweet time. 
we sold a fair amount of adult sized and kids sized aprons as well as scarves and brooches.
we have yet another sale before Valentine's day in February on campus again and with the fair amount of free time over this holiday break, i'll be crocheting up some way adorable plushie hearts to sell.

i mentioned in my last post that i was pretty excited to get started on the embroidery project i was assigned in one of my classes this year. It was going to be based on the novel i'm reading by Robert Louis Stevenson, In the South Seas.
I was mostly tickled by the thought of this man hanging out with the Queen of the Cannibals. so after drawing up RLS' portrait and luckily coming across a picture taken in the 1890's of what was her house (whoah score!) i started on her piece first. 
a week late and a major kink in my neck later, i finished the triptych embroidery piece and i can say that my heart may have gone kablammo.

i also happen to find a pretty neat street scene of san francisco in the 1890's for the first frame.
i kept it kind of bland in color and almost sepia toned to portray the rigidness of the city and how civilized it must have been compared to the lush and exotic paradise that was hawaii in that time. putting RLS' portrait in the middle is supposed to make you think that he was somewhat torn between the  civilized of the city and freedom in wilderness he found in hawaii.  doing a bit of research on the guy, he lived a pretty interesting life. 
in short, he was kind of a hippie in his time.

my studio technician happen to mention to me on the last day of school that herself and others in the studio saw them and they were all pretty wowed by the detail and how well the subject matter fit the frames...which i have to admit made me feel pretty shy and awesome. to impress someone who has been in this industry on top of some program mates does something kind of funny to my bum ticker and flushes the pink to my face.
this was merely my second shot at embroidery and i went from needle and thread to over the moon...not bad at all.

     - cut and hand sewn leather and plastic buttons

                  - coated computer wire                                                    - ribbon and discarded key

                         - crochet craft wire                                                           - made from a discarded necklace

in another class, we were given the assignment to make 60 rings out of whatever material you'd like. this was such a huge range!
we could have made rings to be just about anything, with any meaning or not much of a meaning behind them at all. so i decided to make rings that were actually wearable (for the most part) and tried to stick with materials i already had laying around the house. i used everything from a discarded necklace, old forks and spoons, ribbon and even leather pieces i saved from a sweater. this project also gave me the chance to crochet in other mediums other than yarn: embroidery thread and wire, whatwhat!
i've posted more of my favourite rings in my Flickr account so check them out.

so with this mega update here is a short list of what i may be brewing up in the next little while, now that i'm on holiday break:
- a whole lot of sleeps
- handmade xmas presents (family and friends, wowee!)
- crochet plushie hearts
- and more sleeps, yum!

i leave you now with Cannibal Queen by Miniature Tigers.
a band i may have fallen in love with...maybe.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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