Apr 13, 2011

help for the worldwide yarn bomb hunter

i came across this wonderful pitch for a documentary on one of my favourite things: yarn bombing (or in my case, crofitti)

it's a great idea since yarn bombing has been more and more known everyday and worldwide at that.
to see something covered in yarn has such a heart warming and positive effect on people, especially these days when there seems to be more concrete and greys than natural and softer materials and textures in our everyday life. even if it makes a person take a second look at a light post, statue and trees or gives a little smile in a busy day, i think yarn bombs need to be made more, appreciated and more importantly left alone for everyone to enjoy. the only damage yarn bombing does is makes a yarn addict's collection  a little smaller. like Magda Sayeg of knitta please says, to see something tied to a notion of love and nostalgia like a piece of knitted or crochet material on something you wouldn't expect to be so cosy  really strikes something in anyone with a heartbeat.

please check out the blog and donate anything you can to help them get a jump start on production.

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