Aug 21, 2011

art market sale

with the new school year coming pretty quick, i decided to do a few last craft sales before school starts and takes away all my concentration. my friend and fellow craftlady Natalie told me about this little art market in hamilton and totally jumped to get a spot for the final two weekends it has.

i gladly asked kay tor if she wanted to share a table and was all for it. so yesterday with all our shop junk, kay tor and i met with natalie and we all headed out to the ferguson station to set up and have a pretty relaxing time. the day was kind of quiet but as always it was fun. there is something about having your stuff displayed out just right so anyone (including other vendors) can come around and see what you have to offer. i never mind if someone shows interest in something i've made and walks away without it, their reaction to something i've made by hand and put a lot of heart into just tickles me more than what may be in their wallet could. i make little mental notes of what people really liked most so i can make more of it for another sale or the online shop.

for this sale i crafted up some 13 or so new jersey bracelets and made 7 or so new crochet hats during the couple of weekends i had sans sales. at the arts in the square sale, i realized that (guys especially) were still using toques and hats in the summer so i wanted to make just that: the summer toque. 
using a larger gauged crochet needle for these new hats, it has enough space between the stitches to let any cool breezes through so despite it being a crochet yarn hat it's not that toasty. 
i had planned on making up some reuseable lunch bags but didn't mind that i didn't get them done considering all the newly crafted things i had set. trust that they'll be ready for next weekend's gig!

kay tor and i kind of geek out before a sale and tell each other what new things we've made and i was excited to hear of  the prints she had made of some of her collages from school projects. it's funny how her and i tend to ride the same brainwave 'cause i was maybe totally thinking of doing the same with some of my collages. Hers looked great and completely tickled me more with the idea of selling collage prints. along with her new prints and that adorable Death doll, her hand felted bangles were still amazing. she had them at the rock the coliseum sale but while at the art market, she was adding some pretty awesome beadwork to them which only made the bangles pop a little louder. 

nearing the end of the day, friendly face Benjamin Theodore came around and started to set up his little corner of musical toy instruments, took off his shoes and played some great original tunes. i can't stress how much talent this kid has. if you're in the hamilton area, he'll be playing the same gig next weekend with a small closing ceremony for the art market. do your ears a favour at least and check out his bandcamp.

in other news, i'll be starting a new wee craft related habit starting this week. 
those of you that have liked my facebook page have seen links on there now and then of craft or art related articles and websites. well starting this tuesday, for every tuesday, i'll be posting a neato crafting or eats tutorial. i've come across a fair amount of really sweet ones these last couple of years and can't keep them to myself. expect everything from crafts you can do for decorations, gifts, upcycling and of course the kind of tutorial you can eat! baking and cooking recipes really are a lot of awesome. with these posts, i'm only hoping to inspire you true hearts out there to craft on and eat awesomeness!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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