Jan 4, 2012

artsy surprise

i have some pretty awesome news and i'm nice enough to share it with all you true hearts:
this saturday, i'll be part of a pretty wonderful collection of art on the walls of The Rustic Owl, a new gallery and cafe in Toronto!

i'm pretty happy to have my first art piece displayed amongst some of these mega talented local artists and in a pretty exciting neighborhood of le city.

i had complete choice of which piece to hand in for this event and decided to go with my embroidery piece i did last year for my material investigations class, based on a book (i have yet to finish) written by the kind of a hippie for his time Robert Louis Stevenson. pop over to the Rustic Owl tumblr and you'll get more info about this piece.
so if you have nothing to do this weekend, come on out for a drink and free eye candy! there'll even be some prints to buy to support the awesome skills of some of these artists.
on a side note, how amazing is that poster! *insert heart flutter here*

internally yours,
sister valentine

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