Jan 11, 2012

SASS show afterness

these last few days have been pretty packed with a whole lot of awesome.
last saturday i was part of an opening for a new cafe gallery in toronto called the Rustic Owl on bloor st. just west of dovercourt.

i was pretty excited to have one of my favorite piece i made in my second year to be a part of over 10 local and mega talented artists, also majority from Sheridan which is twice the neat!
when i went to drop off my piece, the place had just the bar assembled and nothing much more than a table and a real fancy looking couch. i don't quite remember what the back room/gallery space looked like then but the place looked great for the opening, surprising what some good working friends can pull off in two short weeks.

they hung christmas lights and white material from the ceiling which gave this cozy feel to the gallery space, the pieces on the wall were all in their own way a lot of amazing.
a few pieces really stood out for me like Steven Glanville's simple black and white print of a spooky kind of world that reminded me of Kirsten Lepore's "song of north america"
i was kind of happily surprised to see that my piece was just about the only one that wasn't 2D and kind of maybe smiled pretty hard when i'd glance over to see someone taking a good hard look at it.
there was an option to sell the pieces but i want to hang onto this piece till at least after i graduate, i think it'd make my simple heart happy to give it a bit of a circulation in the arts field.

if you didn't get a chance to come out last weekend, absolutely don't worry your heads 'cause my piece along with the others will be up till the end of january for your eyes to eat 'em up over a good drink.

school started this week and it feels awesome to get back to it. i may have a few things more i would've liked to get done over the break but there is nothing like feeling that panicky goodness from having too many ideas to make in a certain (and sometimes dauntingly short) period of time.
i'll try and post soon enough with more info on what i'll be working on but for now just know that i already have the next four weeks or so of my life snatched away from me because of school, and i'm ok with it. don't forget to peek on my twitter to see what i've been up to until then!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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