Jul 3, 2012

Mint Textile Studio opening and craft fair!

when it comes to mind, i still cannot thank the universe much more for bringing myself into this funny little craftlife. that totally includes thanks for meeting some good hearts and of course the mega sweet ladies i've met in the textile program.
a few of them, who were naturally bound for the newly buzzing craft and arts scene in Hamilton, had a studio space put on their path to take.

come July 13th, Mint Textile Studio will be officially open and invites everyone to come and see what they'll be doing in their new home.
oh, and guess what other awesome they already have in store: a two night craft fair to boot!

During the pretty slow craft sale of the Ribfest weekend, fellow craft hearts Brittni, Christina and Natalie threw around the idea of having a way more fun craft fair in their new studio space and were sweet enough to invite most of us who were there to show off our goodies during their pretty exciting opening.

friendly faces, supporting friends and handmade hearts.
this feels goodness!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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