Oct 11, 2012

Mint Textile Studio at it again!

the lovely ladyfriends of Mint Studio in the craft buzzing block of Hamilton invited some of us to their october craft fair!

click over to the facebook event page for more details. 

i'll be there along side some fantastic crafts people with more chilly-weather appropriate handmade goodies like hobo gloves, crocheted beanie hats, scarflettes and a handful of new spaceboy scarves.
last night i finished sewing the edges on a few which i maybe hid on myself...not on purpose.

they're such a lovely and lightweight cotton gauze, the texture alone makes my giant heart so happy.
i'll definitely be in the hunt for some local dye plants and see what other colors they can come in.
is it weird to ask for a huge stainless steel pot and hot plate for xmas?

come out to get a jump start on christmas gifts and support handmade goodness from some pretty great talented people!
expect goodies from the following:
hands & feet
hatchet handmade
prints & needles 
shipwrecks & bravery
all things odd
madrad textiles
Ana d design
and myself!

friendly hello's will be fully stocked.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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