Mar 5, 2013

Just My Type

no apologies for the quietness up in here...and so, onwards!

with all my craftlife escapades, there are two voices that i cannot ignore. they in fact help drive my creativity into places and show me things that lights something in me, leaving me with a bucket full of ideas: le heart and le universe.
with one ear on the beating of that funny muscle that hangs in my chest and the other to the ground, there are certain motifs, processes or materials that shout at me in quiet little ways. those are the things that eventually find their way into my work, one of them shouts has been stitching on paper.

Hashtag gallery is a new hot spot for up and coming artists to show their skills in a cozy nook on Dundas st. West in Toronto. catching a call for artist on their twitter feed for a typography based show, i just had to give it a go.
i've had the idea of making little typography based posters hidden in the folds of my brains for a good while and now the universe told me to let it out.

thankfully i'm a bit of a materials hoarder (collector?) and saved all my handmade paper i made in school. trying out a bit of sampling last weekend, i found the cotton sheets a little too thin to hold too many stitches but the albaca paper to be just right. almost like a textured cardstock thickness, it'll be easy peasy once the holes are pre poked. the albaca also has a slight brown coloring to it that tickled me more than the cotton white, and with the soft tones of embroidery thread i wanted to use? be still my craft heart!

the call asked for three pieces to send in and though i have many words floating around in my heart's brain, i've been pretty keen on some sayings that always paints a little smile on my face. i don't even know what they're called but i chose three sayings that sound like other pretty words;
silver plates (s'il vous plaƮt)
mercy buckets (merci beaucoup)
and elephant shoe (i love you)

the deadline comes this weekend so peek on my twitter feed and tag along this little escapade.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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