Oct 28, 2013

ready your true hearts!

with being in school for a solid 6 years, i maybe ignored my etsy account for far too long and all  listings had expired, but i saw it as a good thing.
there were some things that i wasn't necessarily happy or proud to have up there. most of it would make for "table filler" at craft shows and in my craft heart opinion, not really worth the trouble of throwing up online.
in the last year especially i've made things that i can proudly show off and am completely happy with.
well i finally went to it and updated my etsy shop... sort of almost.

this is the first of two updates, maybe maybe maybe even three but i'll get to that when (if?) it happens.

this first update is mostly the smaller pieces i've made in small batch productions that actually make me smile, especially those teeny wolf faces.
so off you go to the etsy shop and peek around some, it won't be the last you've heard from me!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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