Aug 23, 2014

Indie Arts Night Market

thanks to everyone who stopped by and to the wonderful other vendors that were there!
there was a good steady flow of people but i did manage to sneak away for a bit and met some great creative people. unfortunately my phone fell to the fate of obsolete design and had completely died the day of the sale leaving me unable to share all the goodness that was happening.
luckily my little point and shoot digital camera saved the night so here are some shots, off you go!

i just had to take home this lovely handmade pyramid from Acorn Studio, keep my 'darwin' stones from Chile dust free and pretty.

i also had a privilege to do a trade with The Otter Potter for this gorgeous hand-sculpted clay brooch.

for the next little while i'll be spinning off more wolf-moon hats and hobo gloves for the Etsy Pop-up  sale in september to keep your true hearts warmer this fall.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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