Feb 28, 2015

graphic design studenthood

going into my third month of this new graphic design life and it's looking mighty good!
within the first week of school my eyes opened up to the hidden graphic design in everyday life, by week three i knew what applications were used to make animated banners and the very simple things that make up adverts, posters and symbols everyone else just walks by. 
the end of this first term is not for another couple of months and i'm already looking forward to term two where we get introduced to typography, a class that is 90% of it drawn by hand, be still my heart!
thankfully too, there is a good balance between computer heavy work and a little more hands on work which you can see in this mini photo dump so go on, get to it.

my ideas doodling office is extra comfy

taking in some inspiration from the old world

when you study what you love, it doesn't feel like homework

completely hand cut via exacto knife and glues on shimmery paper, inspired by the victorian era

found some great package design with a nod to vintage design

everything starts with pen on paper and in this case, a bit of graphite too

watercolors, pen and cut papers, a ram's portrait inspired by the mod design of the fifties

i'm grateful that i am able to do even a little crafting on the side of this schooling and i'll admit that i can literally feel my brain stretch when i switch into craft mode. 
over the xmas holidays, i had to whip off a few new xmas stockings in my house and an always supportive friend liked them enough for her own home. she was the second wolf-pup adopter ever and so with her new handmade stockings, i sent along a little thank you for being a true heart to my craft life.

this teeny crochet vest with rabbit pockets just about popped my heart

but then it melted into a puddle when she sent me her little one and her wolf-pup in its new clothing

internally yours,
sister valentine

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