the heart

starting in December 2008, Sister Valentine's hearts & crafts shop has taken over the life of one simple girl named F. with a giant bum ticker for small things, arts, crafting, anatomy, mixed media, vintage papers and has a very peculiar and intense addiction to the creative process.

having been raised on weekly crafting sessions and the muppet show, F. has always been creating throughout her life whether it be with words, paper, mixed media and later on with a whole lot of yarn and fabrics.

she was taught how to crochet at 10 and didn't go much further than hacky sacks and little satchels until years later when she rediscovered the crochet needle and ran away with it over the moon and back.
graduating from the Textiles program at Sheridan College in 2012, her addiction to making, upcycling and most of all daydreaming intensified and has only pushed her into a mad love with fine arts and crafts.

the hearts and crafts found in her etsy shop are likely to be one of a kind and are handmade in canada by F. herself. her functional and art pieces are made with a whole lot of heart, giving each piece a personal touch. if it's an original wolf portrait, pin cushion, hand embroidery or sewn accessory, each is more often than not made from clean recycled, reclaimed materials or upcycled in a small attempt to reinvent them into a new life and salvage them from going into a landfill.

sister valentine is a giver, a lover, that little bird that sings above your head when the sunshine hits your face and the mother of soft hearted wolves for the world to give homes to.

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