May 10, 2009

new hearts and crafts for sale

as promised, i posted up some new hearts and crafts in the shop today. go and check out the one of a kind pin cushions, toasty hobo gloves aswell as 
a nifty carrying bag for knitting needles!
i am up for doing hobo glove requests so look up your size and let me know which colors you like best.
there is a chart i made up with instructions on how to figure out your size.

now you may notice that i haven't mentioned my funny teethed and loving Monsters.
life has dipped way into my craft times and so, these few monsters will soon arrive in the shop.
of course i will be posting bulletins about their arrival, whenever they do get to the shop. le sigh :)

anyway, onward to the shop with your pretty face and spread the word of my hearts and crafts!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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