Jun 17, 2009

some bad news, some ace news and a little inspiration

so it's been awhile since the last blog and obviously you, whoever you are, deserve some 'splaining! 

the monsters have sort of, maybe been put off...but just a pinch longer! 
don't get your skirts/slacks wrinkled over this, i have mainly two very good reasons:
I have been asked to work up some new multi-use pouches for a wonderful store calledArtistWalk in Burlington, Ontario.
They feature all kind of handmade artsy works by Canadians and will certainly help getting the beating of my shop out there to more true hearts.
I've already begun to work on designing new zipper pouches with more crochet work than the first batch i've posted on my Etsy shop and will be conjuring up some ace ideas to go with a sunshiney kind of theme for the summer. 

and second: Esty.com has launched a contest that made my nerdy little heart skip a beat :)
it's called a Handmade Moment and is basically a 15-30 second long video ad for etsy.
i would post the ideas i have for this but honestly, i've been trying to practice keeping things a surprise. for an open book like myself, it's quite the feat! 
As of right now, there are 17 videos up. eek! but luckily this contest is open for three months. 
I want to get as many views though so i'll be splitting my "shop times" between this project and the pouches for ArtistWalk.

see? aren't these great reasons to postpone the lives of my funny teethed monsters?

so i'll leave this on a lighter note and have you watch a couple of inspiring videos i tripped over while gathering some ideas.

internally yours,
Sister Valentine

Lisa Hannigan's I Don't Know

Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore

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