Aug 13, 2009

a burzdeh leads to a tagging

I am a horrible pseudo-mother who totally lost track of when a dear friend's (who really is like a son to me) day of birth was and wasn't reminded till someone had asked if i was going to be at a penciled in wee gathering. (thanks lisa!) 
luckily my crafty skills are better than i thought and i managed to spit out an art piece for a gift, something i haven't done in ages! 
I have a few squares of wood i saved from some deconstruction at my old house and had stored away for a good six months, knowing i wanted to do some kind of art piece with them. the wood grain on them were just perfect and so a couple of nights ago i sat down, threw on some tunes and picked up a paint brush.
this is what i came up with a few hours later:
materials: old novel pages- tea stained and sandpapered, acrylic paint, hand cut stencil,modge podge, picture from some book i tore to pieces years ago haha


i was pretty happy with the finished product (can you tell i'm even a dork for wrapping gifts?) but mostly this piece got me thinking that i should do similar pieces to sell in the shop. I've never really sold art pieces before but my heart is way tickled just thinking of what i may come up with on the other squares :) gotta love that wood grain!

now since Kevin's right in the area of my college where i had first tagged, i brought my wee tagging kit and this ball of yarn that i forgot i had. when i first had loads of yarn a few years ago i started a ball that had a bit of all the yarn i had to roughly the size of a dog's head, making it a motley wad of all kinds of yarn. perfect for tagging!
i threw the motley wad in my backpack to bring to the bar and started to spin off a tagging piece whilst i drank a cold one and cheered for Kevin's burzdeh, i walked and crocheted and rode the elevator to the apartment crocheting the entire time. i didn't stop until we were all ready to go on a late night forest walk and ended up with a decent sized piece for tagging.
now the first time i tagged this forest, it was near a light so it was easy to see what i was doing to close the piece around a tree. this time, for some reason all the lights were off in the forest and i ended up crocheting the tagging piece close in pitch darkness! 
my son was nice enough and lend me some light off his touch screen cell phone which did help. 
I popped by it for a proper picture of it and couldn't help but to laugh at the wonky closing job i did, but i must admit that i'm pretty proud of how well i did manage to close it in literally 98% darkness.

this tagging job definitely stands out more than the first one, which was totally gone and no where to be seen!

i'm only a pinch sad the first tagging is gone but Kevin did make a good point that these tags are bound to be taken by someone eventually.
i have to make a trip to the school tomorrow and get some school jazz taken care of so i just may work out another piece for another tree. perhaps on the other side of this wee forested path.

now i'll leave you to a catchy little ditty with a great video to boot! i wish my bones knew how to move like Ed Macfarlane :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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