Aug 21, 2009

new video entry delays a heartbeat

once again i have to delay the new items i have in mind/works for the shop, le buu!

my brother's short visit is coming to an end and it only leaves so many hours to work on the new video entry for theHandmade moment contest over at
that being said, it is looking absolutely great so far! the mini set we built in a day looks better than what i imagined. we had to rattle our brains for some tricks here and there but he and i are both crafty and resourceful enough to make things work.
i am totally stopping myself from posting even a sneak peek at the video right now 'cause i think this new video entry will blow my first one out off the chart and hopefully into the hearts of the viewers to land in at least third spot :)
and also it's great to practice not ruining surprises, something of a personal goal for this funny heart

i have found a bit of time here and there to work out some more pocket monsters but i'll have to post them up for sale later than i said. i'm aiming for the end of the month to have everything set and done, that way i can get started on some fall/winter hearts and crafts before my school life really goes all hungry and rips into the guts of my free time.

knowing how much school can take over life, i'm still excited about how any textile tests/swatches i'll make during the school year can and will be used for my shop!

though this one heart beat is on pause,it isn't unstoppable!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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