Aug 9, 2009

a monster honeymoon and losto news

before anything i have to mention how very recently a couple of friends from my hometown got married!
they're great people and there is no need to hope the best for them because they have that supreme L-bomb lodged in their hearts for each other. that is all they will ever need to make them happy and that makes me happy. 
also, being such a dweeb for giving stuff, it gave me an awesome opportunity to make them a couple of pocket monsters for their new lives together. 
but wait, there is more awesome: a one miss Lori Dark, also a fellow shutterbugger, made their honeymoon album entirely using the monsters i made for them!
having breakfast together, walking their dog together, being romantic by the beach, basking in the sun and even having some beers
i know what you're thinking, and i agree: awesome just might be an understatement

now onto some shop news:

come Tuesday (Aug.11th) the new crochet exterior zipper pouches will be sold at the ArtistWalk Store! I was doing the last bit of work for the patches last night and am way excited to not only see the finished pouches but also have them in a real store where people will be able to buy them right there or just take home my business card if they see what they like. of course i'll be posting some pics of a few of them both here and on my facebook group in attempts to tickle your local fancies and get out there to pick them up! literally all of them are one of a kind. with some of them, i've used the last  bit of certain colored yarn with nothing left but for another tagging adventure, which i am itching to do! but my heart beats for the shop first :)

with these newer pouches out of the way, i'll be concentrating on some pocket monsters, biggy monsters and some headbands. I do have some monsters ready to take pictures of for the online shop so those may go up first before the headbands.
i've also been trying to think of things that boys would dig. most of the items i have listed so far have been quite on the feminine side and i totally realize that. 
when i first started out this shop, i wanted to have a boy/girl friendly list of things to sell, but i guess being a girl myself, makes it a little harder to think of what a boy would normally find useful or neato. 
the other day i was really shaking my brains to spit out a new item to sell that is a little more for guys and i think i'm going to take a crack at making cuffs. 

so take note for the new items to come to the shop online:
- pocket monsters
- biggy monsters
- headbands
- cuffs

before this blog gets any fatter, i have to mention the fantastical amazing spectacular news of my enrollment to the textiles program at my old college. It's a three year program totally diving into the world of textiles and i couldn't be more excited about it! this is far much more up my alley than journalism-print could ever be.

oh yea! and before i forget, my wonderful brother (who was awesome to buy the domain for me) will be coming home from the west this week and agreed to help with making the second video entry for the Handmade Moment contest
he's just as fartsy as i am and will be wicked fun to collaborate my ideas with his brains and skills, which also include a pinch of jamming to write a 30 second tune for the video. 
I'm dusting off the cello and cleaning my toy xylophone :)

now i'll leave you with a spooky and beautiful Fever Ray video for "when i grow up"
i saw this video staying up way late one night with a friend and joked how that's me when i retire in iceland...only with a pet pekin duck

internally yours,
sister valentine

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