Jul 22, 2009

an article and sadness

last blog i had mentioned of a friend that wrote a piece about me and my shop for an arts and culture magazine online, but he wasn't sure if it will get posted up on the website or not. well he told me that the editor loved the piece and is now up on the Futureal.com website!

it's a weird feeling reading an article piece about myself but then i try and remember how good it will be for my shop and that i should just suck it up!

in other news, the last tagging adventure i did (the bus shelter handle) has been taken down!
i have no idea who decided to make the shelter ugly again, but i am just hoping it was the city of Oakville and not someone that thought "hey you know what'd be funny?" and take the thing down.
this has definitely brought on a little wave of disappointment to my funny heart but have no fear! since the tree tagging is still holding up beautifully, i've decided to concentrate on that area for tagging adventures...for now.
i figured they'd be safer in there from being torn down and also with school starting up in a month or so, the forest will be littered with faces to see them soon enough. i'll also be making up a semi-anatomical heart stencil to spraypaint onto tree trunks and stumps.
(on a side note: things are looking awesome for me getting into the textiles program, woo!)

oh yea, and the handmade moment contest on Etsy.com is still open till the end of August so i'm going to try and squeeze in another entry. it's up to 70 videos now!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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