Jan 10, 2010

xmas: done, the buzzing: again

so my xmas break is on its last hours and that is ok.
i did up some pretty neato handmade xmas presents, piled in some hangouts with some mighty fine faces,  had long dates with my crochet needles, had a spoonful of crafttimes and am now buzzing with excitement to get back to school!

i won't be working so much in 3D like i did with my first semester but will be concentrating on digital design, flat texture making and sewing on professional sewing machines which i've heard can whip off a piece of fabric in near lightspeed haha 
i'm kind of nervous of such a quick needle after working so much with my ed gein machine but i think i can hang on to my fingers...or at least i hope i can.

ok so here is what's been the happenings as of late:
before school was out, i was approached by a journalism-print student to be interviewed for an article she was writing for the school news paper about how younger people are picking up the beautiful yarn addiction. I was a pinch disappointed that my online store address wasn't mentioned but despite that, i'm pretty happy that i was involved in the article period. I even went as far as mentioning the knitty gritty club Betty and i are organizing. i wasn't even that aware that a fair amount of people were in fact picking up knitting and crochet needles (which is ironic with this club come to think of it) but i'm pretty happy that a lot of new hearts are thumping hard for yarn!

also before school, i offered to replace a couple of torn lampshades for a fellow crafter but knew i wouldn't be able to actually work on them till this xmas break off school. it took a bit of brainstorming and the final idea for them turned out to be an entirely different one than what i had thought for them in the first place. I wanted to involve some typing from my old typewriter and indian ink painting. i sat down and drew out a few ideas, trying to keep in mind that these lampshades are going into an apartment of boys haha 
once i landed on the final idea, i knew what materials i'd be using and well...maybe kind of went a little overboard...maybe.

i even gave them title "we only come out at night" like a gigantor nerd :)
when i unrolled them out to my friends, they're faces melted in joy which is exactly the reaction i was hoping for! 
This sister valentine alter ego of mine really has taken over almost in full, really just giving anything neat looking when i can so it was wicked fun making these for them, plus i figured it's a great way to build up a portfolio. I'm always excited to try and make something i haven't done before simply to see if i'm able to do it. and in this case, i know one way to make floorlamps.

the main shade is rice paper with gauze machine sewn to it to ensure they won't rip like their first ones did and just to give a bit of texture when they're off. the clouds were cut out of a very light cotton fabric, hand sewn onto the ricepaper/gauzeshade. the sleepy "octoglobs" were cut out from rice paper, painted with acrylic paints and blue ink and their  sleepy eyes were made extra heavy with indian ink. my fellow crafter's roomate has a real intense camera and said he'd take real professional looking pictures of them for my portfolio and of course, they'll be posted in one of my albums for you to take a good look at them.

so with  some xmas presents done, lampshades done and with sadly a small new batch of stuff up for sale in my shop, oh! and school being sooo close to starting up again, ive decided to work on some requests i've had from a few people which is just as exciting as working on things to sell online!
there are a few things asked for that i've made before like hobo gloves but then someone has asked me for a hat, but not just any hat, one that can fit her dreadlocks in haha.
having dreads myself ( 6 year olds going a bit past the middle of my back now) i know the struggles of finding a hat that can fit your head so i was more than happy to do one up for her for a trade off of a glass skull! i'm way excited for that. 
i think with school being in the way again, i'll keep with the requests kind of work and won't fret over too much over getting new things up online. 
i should really get that bit in gear :)

so i'll leave you with a short video i came across that gave me a good laugh

internally yours,
sister valentine

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