May 8, 2010

new look,new ideas and new skills

ooh lookit, it's a new blog :)
with the help of my furry and gassy "assistant" Bandit, i've made up a new logo for the shop and am pretty happy with it all.

i decided to get rid of the Myspace profile and switch over to a real blog site since that was the only reason why i really used the Myspace profile in the first place. so those of you have been a true heart and have followed my funny little shop, please bookmark this page up!
also 'cause as of monday that profile will be deleted.

so it's been a good while since my last post and for very good reason: i was swimming in lovely school work, was only working on requests and had the chance to squeeze in a few handmade gifts for some lovely faces.
now i'm completely done my first year of Textiles and with all the new skills i've learned, i've been brewing up some pretty fun new ideas for the shop. Keeping in mind that summer is coming and that i still want to make more accessories for le boys, im excited to get started on them but they must first be put aside just slightly for the next couple of weeks.

a friend from my old hometown is in the works of recording an album and had asked me to design and layout his entire cd artwork, how neato is that?
this weekend i'll be playing around in my old journal with paper samples and different textures using some of the skills i've learned in school and going with what ever crafttimes skills i was rasied on to create something to portray the simple sentence he gave me to describe the idea of his album: i wanted to make something beautiful in my life
my heart is buzzing to get started on this!

i was also asked by my sister to make up a couple of weddings gifts for two of her friends that are getting married this year and thankfully months apart from each other, giving me time to pencil in some good long crafting hours for my shop.

and since tomorrow is Mother's day, last night i made up a card for my own:

so check on this new place regularly to see how the album art is coming along and of anything else that happens to be flying around my brains and heart :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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