May 12, 2010

finally focused with a whiff of lilacs

i've been sick for the last little while and basically kept low and stayed in bed, drinking a bazillion liters of tea which gave me a perfect opportunity to not only put up this brand new blog but fish around online for ideas to go into the design work of the cd my friend Danny has asked me to do.
giving me free range to do whatever i wanted though, left me in kind of a shock and i honestly couldn't think much of anything except for the fact that i wanted to use these pages i stained with tea (yea teas!)

I didn't want to do whatever i felt looked good when i was trying to portray what him and his album is about. Luckily the meet we had on tuesday was perfect.
I asked him all kinds of questions and now have a few things to focus on for the design of this cd like color, imagery and other ideas. I'll hopefully be doing some pieces next week and of course be blogging about them as they come along.
since i was kind of stuck with getting started on the designs for the cd, i went out the day before i met with Danny to meet with a couple of friends and went for a little walk through a forest and was unstoppable from picking some flowers i saw. earlier this week i was starting to get my sense of smell back and these lilacs were over powering so i couldn't help but to pick some to brighten up James' apartment. and of course with my loud heart beat for macro photography, i went a pinch shutter nutty on them in the sun.

we then went back to Kevin's and jammed a fair amount of tunes deciding that it'd be our first "blogject" video. 
The Friends are a group of friends that get together and basically write music together, separately and then jammed out together and everything else in between with me, kind of becoming the "dabbler" of this lovely project. 
the idea of putting out a blog where we'd post a video once a week or so of us just goofing around and jamming with musical instruments was spat out a few weeks ago as a fun summer project to do together and after talking it over a little more, we decided to go ahead with it.
as soon as that is established, i'll for sure be posting about it on here as well as have a link on my friendly faces section in the side bar. 

tonight and tomorrow i'll be working on the crafty project my sister has given me and after getting the last of the materials i needed last night (i would date Dollarama if i could) i'm pretty excited to get started on this :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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