May 21, 2010

one new life, two new branches

a few weeks ago, my sister had asked me if i could make up something for a couple friends of hers that are getting hitched and dropping the ultimate L bomb this year. she had mentioned that when they were in her condo last, they really liked the wall hanging crafttimes i did for her burzdeh last year and she thought they would enjoy something similar.

i decided to go with thicker branches so i wouldn't have to spend so much time on reinforcing such thin branches and with her help, thought i would give raffia ribbon a go instead of the usual yarn wrapping. i also picked out some paper flowers, pearly buttons, rhinestones and a lovely little bird (with real curly feathers!) to give it a bit more life. 
i was kind of surprised how quickly i managed to wrap the branches, much quicker than i could with yarn so i was more than happy with the outcome.

so with one out of the way and the other not due till the third week of june, i've done a bit more brainstorming on the artwork for Danny's cd. i've actually never really done much with geometric design before and since he likes that more than organic shapes (though it wasn't entirely out of the question) i sat down the other day and just doodled up some geometric pattern and shapes. 

this weekend i'll be playing around with some textures and using the tea stained paper to see what kind of things i may  come up with. 
i was also thinking how this little project will give me a few ideas for one of my classes in second year Textiles, surface design. basically is doing all sorts of things to paper, which is what i've been more or less doing since high school with my mixed media journals so i'm pretty way pumped to get this cd artwork rolling and for second year.

internally yours,
sister valentine


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