May 26, 2010

weekend crafttimes

this long weekend i had one main goal: crafttimes!
ok maybe that's always the goal, but this time it was for the cd artwork asked for by an old friend.
a couple of weeks ago we met and i finally got some more ideas to focus on from him. generally, what he likes and what his cd was about. so with the notes i jotted down on one side of me and all the tea stained paper i had made on the the other, i sat in front of a blank page in my journal and started to craft together something similar to the sketches i had drawn up last week.
Danny was pretty happy and said would like to use all three which is super neato to hear but i mentioned how much fun i had doing these three that i'd try to spit up another one or two next week, mostly for the sake of having more variety... and to maybe totally feed my crafting addiction.

here are just a few pictures of the three samples but click here to see more detail pictures of these samples on my flickr account.



there were two main things that i wanted to keep with all three of these samples which were gauze and sewing the paper which Danny really liked how both looked on a paper making project i had done in school. also, i had the idea of making little gauze bags to put the higher quality printed cd's in. 
the talk of making 5 or 10 better cd sleeves tickled both Danny and i but that won't be really in the works until the main images are ready to be printed.
i still would like to scan these in and maybe try adding some digital line work to them, or maybe nothing at all :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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