Jun 14, 2010

zee second set of branches

for a few years now, i've been wrapping branches with yarn and in all honesty, the world that buzzes along in my brains really is covered in it. but with these pairs of branches that i've made at the request of my sister wrapped in raffia ribbon, it's maybe moved into that funny little place that sits on my shoulders...and i don't mind.
i'm more than happy with the way it looks, i almost brings the texture of tree bark back to the branches which is neat and pretty to say the least.
so with those all done and ready, this is when the shop fun really begins! i'll be scanning in the samples i've one for Danny's cd to see if i can maybe put in some fun line work or play around with it with different brushes in the next little while, but before that i'll be pulling out my Ed Gein machine to start on some tote bags to sell. what's a summer without a tote bag? especially now that every one has jumped on the green wagon and have begun to use re-usable bags. 

and with that, i'll leave you with a lovely commercial featuring the vibrant song Go by Sigur Ros' lead singer Jonsi. just try and not smile or tap your foot to this!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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