Jun 21, 2010

ye olde yarnbomb

i've only really done a handful of yarn tags since starting this funny little shop and despite not having done one in far too long, (cross my heart, that will change!) i just love hunting out my old tags to see if they're still there or even changed over time. my heart flutters a little at how the weather and sun changes the texture or color of textiles!
during the nuit blanche festival last year, i was doing the "walk and spin maneuver" and had crocheted a small tagging piece for the middle pipe of a Toronto street bike rack. there were so many people that night that i had to use my spider senses and weave through people while looking at what i was spinning off, but in a matter of a couple of hours, i had the piece done and ready to be sewn into place.
i remember having a few people slow down their stride and see what i was up to, hunched over a bike rack i randomly chose along Queen Street West in Toronto...i believe 'cause there was a car in front so i could hide a little.
last week i had an american friend come up for a short visit and had the chance to hunt this one tagging out, and with mega luck!

I barely saw it 'cause of how much the city's grime has discolored it but i totally found it amazing how much it had changed let alone that it was still there! it didn't stand out much when it was first placed but whoah city muck! of course i had to leave a newly designed (and in color) sticker tag there as well as other spots we had walked by.

and now if you exuse me, i have some tote bags to sew up!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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