Jul 9, 2010

my Ed Gein Machine: a little history

i got my little pink sewing machine two years ago as a christmas present. I really was only a beginner sewer but i knew if i had one to call my own, my funny heart would beat a little louder.
I've had a love and mega interest in serial killers for years now and anyone who knows me well, knows of my dark sense of humour and my love of giving just about everything a name...that maybe totally  completely includes inanimate objects.
I read that Ed Gein had fashioned all kinds of things in his house out of the bones and skin of his victims, which included lamp shades and chairs seats of human skin. (whoah crafttimes!) when i read that my little pink machine could sew leather just as well as a standard sized one, i couldn't be stopped in naming my sewing machine after the crazy old loon.
so with that little history lesson out of the way, here is a bit of a tease of what me and my ed gein machine have been up to this week:


i'll be making up just a few more tote bags before they go up for sale at the shop. speaking of which,
one of my pieces was featured on a treasury page for birds, branches and berries which is pretty neat. i've been spotted on a finds email before which was just as exciting.
now to leave you with a little music video by First Aid Kit that really caught my eye. such simplicity (in song too) can be just what you need sometimes :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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