Jul 22, 2010

my what big totes you have!

mission summer tote bags: complete!

i was given buttloads of new fabric which made my fabric luggage puke awesome, yay!
i was pretty happy the way the first batch of tote bags turned out that i just had to one up myself and make more tote bags with a front pocket this time.
I even had the chance to finally make the tote bags that were inspired by this diptych panel project i had made during my first year in Textiles. I am still way proud of the way it turned out and i just couldn't let the left over birch trees go to waste so i automatically thought tote bags.

now with those out of the way, i have to brew up some ideas for new craft projects for le shop before school comes around and swamps me back to requests only.
ever since starting this funny shop, i've wanted to make more things that are for both ladyfaces and boyfaces but i just can't help but to make things a little girly. but hopefully that will change...mega hopefully.

with the pocket tote bags, i've learned how to do buttons holes (and fyi: new heart on in crafting!) and the only idea i've come up with for boyfaces in le summer have been wrist cuffs so i'm going to give it a try.

in other news, i've decided on something:
during my first year in Textiles, we had two drawing classes and it still kind of blows my brains how much just in the first week of being taught how to look at something in order to draw it helped my otherwise weak drawing skills. being raised on crafttimes, i did more or less doodle on pages but never really knew how to draw well. don't get me wrong, i have a soft spot for awkward drawing a la Napoleon Dynomite but i just wanted to better my  own skills and keep them and the only way of doing that is to keep drawing.
so it's decided: anything i may be lending or giving out that happens to have a blank surface, i will draw something on. and i started with this makeshift sleeve of a dvd i had lent out to a couple of friends.
when i brought over the dvd and the blank page kept jumping out at me and a short balcony sit later, i drew what i saw. i have to admit, i'm pretty happy with it and just may turn it into a print during the school year.

now i leave you with a very suiting video clip from the 1950's musical Annie Get Your Gun

internally yours,
sister valentine

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