Jul 23, 2010

things that make my heart fluttery

there are loads of stuff that seem to inspire my funny heart: music, nature, anatomy, etc.
they make me think of new ideas, craft projects, new processes or just simply make me smile. they tend to be such a wide variety and being the open book than i am, i can't be keeping these a secret. so i've decided to make a secondary blog with the images (and accompanying links if available) of the things that inspire me and maybe you too :)

screen shot of le heart flutter inspiration blog

on a side note, i've completely kept up the new decision to draw on any blank paper surface...so far.

close friend's girlfriend had recently come back home from a work placement in eastern canada after a few months and i decided to maker her a wee mixed cd, giving me a blank page to draw on. I didn't know exactly what i could draw but knowing her heart on for nautical things, i did a wee search on the eye candy sweetness site vi.sualize.us and came across a lovely photograph by new york based conceptual and still life photographer Horacio Salinas  and tried to draw it.
i highly suggest checking out his website for some really great stuff, one of my favorites being
the bird skeleton in a tea kettle


don't forget to check on the inspiration blog for some eye candy!

internally yours,
 sister valentine

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