Aug 1, 2010

sorry le boys, maybe next summer

i think i may have jinxed myself.
i briefly mentioned that i've always wanted to have things in my shop for ladyfaces and for le boys but for some reason i can't help but to make some things kind of on the girly side. i wanted to make something for boys this summer and the only thing that came to mind was cuff bracelets which i had every intention of starting on last week...but that didn't quite happen.

i had put away everything after making the tote bags except for my sewing kit, buttons and the bag of fabric remnants. i was later fishing through there for a piece of fabric to use as a book mark but then was struck with a crafty idea.
one of our last projects in my 3D design class was an instillation piece and one classmate had made a table top shaggy wool carpet. although she had made been making rugs and carpets for a few years before coming to Textiles, she explained to us how you go about making a shag carpet which gave me the idea of how to use these strips of fabric left over.
now i don't want to give away too much, keeping in practice of keeping a surprise a surprise, so like the tote bags i've taken a few teaser shots of what is coming to the shop very soontimes...and sadly it's not for le boys

i decided to not go into overdrive with this craft session like i did with the tote bags simply cause i wanted to get a good head start on some fall/winter gear like my cowls and hobo gloves before school starts and i figured i would spin off some toasty gear all of august.
that being said, i will try mega hard to make some toasty things with a masculine flair to it or even unisex  for the sake of making up for not putting anything in for le boys this summer. maybe i can warm some boy hearts that way :)

so keep your eyes peeled for these new crafty goodness coming to the shop very soontimes and don't forget to peek in my inspiration blog for some eye candy, yum!

so with that i leave you with one of my favourite old goofy cartoons...i've kind of maybe totally been on an old cartoon kick as of late.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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