Aug 7, 2010

the spinning off begins

it may be a small batch but they're up, little raggedy brooches with the option of a hair clip!

i wanted to give the option of sliding in a bobby pin or hair clip to put it in your hair or dress up your sweater a bit.
again, apologies to le boys for not having anything for them this summer, but the toasty gear that will be coming to the shop in a few weeks will certainly warm them boy hearts up.

i mentioned in my inspiration blog that for the last few years i've had the plan to grow oldest and retire my bones and funny old heart in Iceland. I did a bit research and completely fell in love with the landscapes, the number of population and the history (vikings... vikings and shorty horses) oh and the language is pretty fun to speak.
in the last year or so i've run into bundles of Icelandic wool yarn, which considering their climate, i'm positive it's way warm for fall and winter. i've collected a fair amount and will be spinning off some toasty gear with nearly all of it. that is the plan for this whole month.
i've been wanting use this yarn for so long now that after starting on a toasty gear yesterday, i finally got to see a little of how it looks crocheted. everything changes once something begins to take shape.

it's funny how after not crocheting something for so long, i really was happy to see this texture again in my hands. i can say without a single doubt in my heart that i really do love yarn and crocheting cause when i finished that lovely teal and cream piece, i couldn't help  but to smile way hard and laugh out loud at how lovely it looked.
i am, an ultimate nerd for this stuff! and i don't mind :) be sure that i'll be posting some teaser pictures in my Flickr account and in the Facebook group album when i get more done. partly to entice your face and partly 'cause i just love macro photography.

with all this spinning off, it has tickled me to do another tagging in a forest again before the school year starts which i normally try to do. i still have no clue who may be taking down these lovely little things but regardless, i'm going to put up a few before school begins and in new spots too just to spread the word of my shop. speaking of which, a friend of mine in glass design will be doing a bit of my handy Seattle? the witty Jade will be going to Seattle to visit a classmate and had suggested that i make up some small tagging cuffs for her to tag places when she's there, whoah fun! i of course completely loved the idea and have begun to make a few of the cuffs to go in her Seattle adventure.

when i first started this shop and was figuring out ways to spread the word and get the name out there, i had thought of maybe eventually getting together a street team where you sign up, get mailed a little kit of sorts to tag a crocheted cuff onto something in your neighborhood and of course i already had thought of the name of said dreamland street team, the true hearts club.
this idea of course is still an idea since Jade has been the first to come to me for the goods to tag something and this year i've really begun to get the name of this funny little shop out there to people. 
but, who knows what may happen further down the forested path :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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