Oct 9, 2010

brain cozies, hobo gloves and a little white heart

about a week overdue but the toasty gear has finally arrive in le shop!

with two major projects due last week (on the same day no less!) i wasn't able to finish the scarflettes for this new batch like i wanted to but the new crochet hats and hobo gloves should hold over until i get a pinch more time to get on my ed gein machine once more.

a fair amount has happened in a month, school really seemed to have missed me 'cause it called me in for some long days in the studio with wet felting, printing and possibly one of the most fun classes this year: surface design.

The lovely Jade came home in time for school and showed me the few tags she was able to do while her visit in seattle, which completely made my heart flutter hard like the wings of a humming bird! how great do these look?

to get some word out across the border is pretty fantastic and only seriously makes me think of putting together small tagging kits to buy off my shop so other true hearts can be creative crofitti ninjas too.

it's really great to see these lovely faces at school on a regular basis again, and that completely and entirely includes the ladyfaces in my class. those brains and hearts are nothing but golden in my books.
last year we were only taught wet hand felting but during one of our studio classes this year, we were introduced to needle felting!
i'd only seen this method of felting on youtube videos and it's kind of a whole lot of funtimes. it's a little longer process than wet felting i find but if you're looking for more detailed precise felting, i highly suggest picking up a needle or two. one of my classmates took a major shine to it and wanted to needle felt on just about everything, including my hair which of course i let her do.

as i mentioned before, when school starts up i stop any crafttimes for this funny little shop to concentrate on school and go into request mode. this year, i'm bending that rule just a pinch 'cause i really would like to see the scarflettes up for sale before the cold comes in hard so keep your eyes peeled and your ear close to the ground for the drumming up of these sewn scarflettes for the end of october.

after october i'll try and post as often as i can and let this world know of projects made in school, new crofitti tags and any different or unique request items i happen to make. oh, and don't forget to check in the inspiration blog too!

so with heavy eyes and the moon calling me to bed, i leave you with cute and collaged music video for Sweetheart by the Wave Pictures. the pinches of anatomy in it kills me!

internally yours,
sister valentine

The Wave Pictures - Sweetheart from Ben Reed on Vimeo.

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