Nov 7, 2010

my my, how quickly that clock ticks

is it already November? the reading week zipped by me and sadly i didn't have a single date with my ed gein machine which means those scarflettes will have to wait till spring, le buu.
i've been intensely busy with the school projects that seem to sneak up on me but that doesn't mean i did nothing for the shop in October. with a bit of help from my own blood, i was able to put together a video spot for my funny little shop!

my brother and i try to have one collaborative project to work on when he's home. this time we packed up a few monsters of mine, my hand felted caged heart, a ball of yarn and took a walk into a forest. we hammered out ideas the week before filming but wanted to keep it simple, using a tagging piece i've been working on in spits all summer.

the evening sun was going quick but we managed to record all the shots needed. i wanted to have my very good friend Kevin write a short song to go with it but lady luck happened to be in a bad mood and break a part of his recording equipment. this forced me to choose a song that would both fit the mood i wanted for my shop and have xylophones. i like xylophones...a lot.
it'd be way mega appreciated if people post this video around to help get the word out!

in my last post i mentioned the lovely new class i have this year, surface design. it's basically doing everything you can think of to and with paper. making textures, patterns etc. my sketchbook is getting so thick with samples that i can't help but to share it. so i've started its own album on my flickr account for anyone craving a bit of eye candy.

this album will be updated every so often so check back on it to see what i've been up to, as well as my next sketchbook album.
i've made another album for the little sketchbook i religiously bring around with me everyday. I may not write or draw in it everyday but i'm glad to say that there are currently only six blank pages left in it. 
this sketchbook is where i draw out what is in front of me, what is in my brains or simply doodle out ideas. i sketched out the pattern i needed in this sketchbook for a casting project i had with a couple of Glassmates. (see what i did there?)
the idea behind this project was to pick a famous person or place and make something with one part of the final piece be casted. Megan, Andrea and myself decided to make a stuffed little dead swan with a crayon casted beak and funny rhinestone button eyes for icelandic singer Bjork.

coming in at about 11" inches, stuffed with cotton and a little bag of rice for some of that dead weight, i introduce to you Hubert!
he really was the perfect size to hold comfortably in your arms that i'll be making up some more Huberts for the summer as dead stuffies, already with one requested.

so with your brains updated, i leave you with the video spot my brother was so kind in helping me make along to a song by the swedish wonderfuls, DetektivbyrĂ„n
xylophone and organ skills, whoah!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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