Nov 14, 2010

a little sale goes a long way

last week us 2nd years were in charge of a textile sale on campus to raise money for the 3rd years' grad show and i have to admit, it was a mega success! we made way more than we expected and more importantly, the reactions to our prints, posters, crafted jewelery and baked goods were all great.
it really has all of us pumped for the Workroom sale in Toronto we're organizing in early December.

i came across a blog posted by Poppytalk that listed 101 reasons to buy handmade.
reading over the list, the one thing that came up the most was how there is heart put into it and how personalized handmade crafts can be which i could not agree with more.
every piece i've ever made, whether for friends, family, my shop or for a school project, i've put in a whole lot of heart and care to make sure it's exactly how i pictured it would be in my brains. i'm normally not a perfectionist but when it comes to craft times and homeworks, even the slightest thing off will royally dig under my skin until i can fix it...and i'm ok with that. :)

i think people are tuning into the handmade brainwave for many reasons (some listed in the Poppytalk blog post). there is a quality to things handmade that for some are nostalgic and for others, generally heart warming. for the makers, it's a kind of way of life. 
for me personally, i can't help but to make something a little more personal, through up-cycling or crafting from scratch. i haven't bought a present in the last four years or so. i've made (or baked) for every celebration or holiday and that makes every gift way fun to give. i really do have a heart on to see someone's reaction to something i've made for them. it pushes me to keep on crafting and baking and give give give!

i've mentioned quite a bit about my surface design class, it just makes my heart go fluttery! last week, the sun poured into the studio during class when we were starting to work on our plant based designs and it really did something in me that i just had to take a picture. something about sunshine can make nearly anything beautiful.
i also uploaded a few more pages from my sketchbook in my surface design album if you'd like a bit of eye candy. it was for the stripes and dots project, which i'm not too happy with my final stripes but loved how my dots came out. i'll be posting those once i get the chance.

i leave you with Le loup's video for Forgive me.
i maybe kind of totally have this album on repeat :)

internally yours,
sister valentine

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