Feb 6, 2011

spanish blood = bag project

i've been itching to get on a new blog post about my projects sooner but this student thing really has a hold on me...and that is neat :)
a new project for my dye and print class has me touching base with my roots. well, i should say my blood's roots.

the Ona tribe from patagonia (also known as the Selk'nam) have some striking body paint used in ceremonies like marriage, coming of age and in plays about fighting with certain spirits. i've wanted a project using these designs but haven't really had a good project to come up for them, until recently.
we were asked to design and make three bags in a series. much like our other projects this year, it could be just about anything to our crafty hearts desires, yum!
i immediately thought of the Ona tribe and was pretty pumped for this project on top of challenging myself to use as little new materials as possible. since the little clothing they had was mostly animal skins, i used the suede from an old donated skirt for the exterior fabric and hand painted pigment for the designs to have that painted look seen in the old photographs of different spirits. after doing some leather samples, i was more than happy the way the pigment took to it.
i based the bag designs on the handbags of the late 1800's since that is around the time of when mass hunting and killing of the Ona people began. that being said, the interior will be a red satin from a used night shirt to signify the bloodshed. all that is left to do in these bags is the construction of it which will be done tonight and i'm pretty excited to see how they finally look.

in our surface design class, we were all entered in the 2011 Surtex competition which is exciting considering the prizes. you know, a free trip to new york and the exposure...no big deal :)
the theme was "ten years from now" for interior public spaces. i decided to go with very nature based designs for a spa lobby. we had the option of making these design either through digital means or by hand. of course i strayed far from the computer and had a long date with a few glue sticks and cut or torn papers. there is nothing like using your hands to make things compared to making something via computer. this project has kind of fueled a new appreciation for paper cut outs and now i definitely have some ideas brewing up for some summer projects.

with those designs knocked out already, we're onto a new project for designs based on an existing textile or design. after flipping through some mighty good looking books in the studio library, i came across this adorable illustration by textile artist Vera Neumann. i wanted to go for something with a palette i hadn't used before and with my love of birds, i couldn't help but to choose this.
this is merely the beginning exercise for the next designs so keep an eye out in the surface design album for some sketchbook work on both the Surtex and the document designs.

and lastly, the on campus sale is happening this wednesday!
along with my crochet heart key chains, i've had a bit of time to make up some pretty cheesy and cute v-day cards for the sale using some images from an old science textbook circa 1950. i also made a few for people who can appreciate a little toilet humour for v-day.

so in the spirit of valentine's day, i leave with a shorty and cutie video for Au's "are animals"
internally yours,
sister valentine

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