Feb 9, 2011

pre v-day sale status: sweetsville

just a quicky post about the sale today 'cause it went awesome!

last minute baking totally came through and before we could get the stuff out on the table to sell, people began rummaging through the boxes for the goods.

the tote bags, silk scarves, t-shirts and valentine cards were a hit. even the poop ones were loved by lots of people so yay for cutie pie poops!

to think of it, this week is pretty neat for me in my little craft student world.
apart from ruling the sale pretty hard today, i noticed that my first collection of surface designs of this semester were put up on display outside of the studio which is exciting. it's the first time i'm up there, fun!
also this friday the textile studio has the opening in the campus gallery, which is currently holding two of my favourite pieces i did last semester and yet another surface design collection...i'm everywhere for the next little while and that's ok by me

and lastly, my Ona/ Selk'nam inspired bags are done done done! come soontimes, they will be on sale in my etsy shop as a collection.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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