Feb 27, 2011

go folk yourself

this last little while has been pretty dominated by music and paper, and that is just dandy.

not only did i (finally) finish a friend's cd art work and did up a backdrop picture for his myspace profile, but one of my best friends was on the bill for the Winterfolk Festival in toronto. The lovely people at the Moonshine Cafe asked him and another friend, who have been playing the open mic nights, to play on their stage and they jumped at the opportunity.
basically since i've known Kevin making music, i've tried to help him out with videos, fotos and this time making him a contact card for this festival. i also asked if i could maybe do his artwork for him and he readily agreed, fun! i already have an idea for a poster...'cause im a dork like that.

last week i handed in my document assignment in surface design and was pretty happy with it. we had to take an already existing print or textile design and make a whole collection of designs based on it. I found a very cute Vera Neumann print of birds and cages and fell in love with it as well as paper...again. like in my surtex competition collection, i did a lot of paper cut out for the birds and used water soluable graphite for the bird cages. i don't have pictures of the collection just yet but peek in the surface design album this week for them and pages from my sketchbook, which i have to mention is officially full and am forced to start a new one. skinny sketchbooks make me uneasy.

i've noticed just how much i'm into paper these days. with the collage v-day cards made for the sale earlier this month and the surtex collection being made with mostly cut and torn papers, it's given me many ideas for summer projects...and that's all i will say, having to keep in practice of keeping a secret :)

i leave you now with a mighty sweet tune by Timber Timbre in excitement for the upcoming album. this maybe completely makes me want to learn the autoharp

internally yours,
sister valentine

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