Mar 12, 2011

paper love, how you haunt me

sometimes the world just tries to tell you things. last year i was drawn to water themes and now i'm being pulled towards paper....and maybe a pinch of water again.

in my surface design class, our new set of designs are for a fashion collection based on paper collage! believe me that with my rediscovered love of paper and collaging, that i was ecstatic and freaking excited about this new set of designs. i chose my color palette of browns, blues and yellows since i hadn't worked in that palette before in my surface design class. a collection i did last year was brown and blue heavy but it's nice to add an accent third color, change things up a pinch.
i wish i had taken a picture of the studio today 'cause it looked lovely, the print tables were with loads and loads of all kinds of paper for us to pick from. we all took our time in picking through it all and about an hour later, just a handful of us actually sat down to start working on some samples.
today i realized (and not for the first time) that the people around me this time in my life are just as much of a dweeb for the same things i am. it made me laugh out loud a few times watching these crafty ladyfaces. after going through the wrong program in college, i'm glad to say i've found my herd.

in other paper love news, it's been haunting me even in my drawing class.
our last drawings series before reading week had to be made up of collaged papers to make up three drawings based on a narrative. i decided to go with my ever growing collection of Spaceboy letters. I haven't mentioned much about my Spaceboy in my blog but get ready to hear a lot more of him in the new school year. for now i'll give you a bit of background:
since 2001, i've written real sappy and heavy hearted love letters to an imaginary boy who lives on the moon. he and i have little romantic adventures under the watchful eyes of Venus, anywhere from underwater here on this funny planet or in the forest of his moon. we sometimes turn into wolves, or fish or pearls or piano keys, whatever we may be for the night he is always a gentleman and beautifully moondusted. i've thought of eventually picking out my favourite letters and compiling them in a sort of short novel but i think that'll have to wait a while. until then he will forever spook my heart under the light of the moon.

our new drawings series is taking a drawing and creating something based on those drawings in our major, mine being textiles. i decided to finally have something done for the Lamark Society, a sort of two birds with one stone. it's a small orginization led by Francisco Lamark (only ever seen with his diving suit on) and his devoted crew member (who also happens to be my brother) with big and wonderful plans, but they need a bit of fundraising to get started. last year i was brainstorming on how i could help out in getting them started on their brilliant plans of education via the ocean and my pretty neato brains gave me a pretty neato idea. i don't want to give much more away because am i going to practice holding in surprises with this one. it'll be revealed in a few weeks when this drawing project is due so keep your eyes peeled until then.

i also have two small tidbits of blog worthy news :
another request complete! 
a friend of mine asked me to make her a brown and orange striped hat but with a liner. well i did just that, using a smaller needle than my other hats and adding a band of felt under the liner to keep her ears extra toasty during those dreary and cold canadian winters.
now i'm onto a giant pair of man mitts for a furniture friend, also with lining so i'll post pictures of those once i'm done.

and for the second tidbit: my fellow ladyface craftmate Brittni finally has signed up on etsy! her skills give a great natural and almost romantic air to her accessories and her wonderful silhouette bags are a definite heart winner so it's off to her shop for you!

so with all these little and loud heartbeats, i leave you with a quiet eye candy video. 
internally yours,
sister valentine

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