Apr 29, 2011

sewing marathon: day three

today i woke up good and early to head over to the school studio with my little ed gein machine packed up for the ride to work the open house with tara-marie. she did a few printing demonstrations while i sewed up some brooches for the sale (which is tomorrow, eep!)
kay tor and i agreed to give her a teeny bit of space on our table to sell her knitted hats and brooches which will go lovely with my crochet hats and both mine and kay tor's brooches. whoah brooch city!

taking these designs from a page in my wee sketchbook, i'm all smiles at how mine turned out and even have some left over to make for some future online sales...just saying :)
there are certain things i make that i just have to make one for myself, this time with a brooch. i embroidered a scissor pair for myself and trust i'll be wearing it tomorrow at the sale.

considering i made all this stuff in roughly four days, it leaves me pretty confident for future craft sales. i don't have too much left to do to be ready for the (kind of uncalled for) way early set up. the monster plushies were nearly all sewn up in last night's marathon with just the stuffing left to do. i'm not showing it in the teaser picture, but i used all sorts of different materials for the backing and sewed on their hand embroidered names onto the backs. i only wish i had more time to hand embroider some 's heart v' tags so people can remember where these little cuties came from, but alas there is always next time.

earlier while in the studio, it popped in my head that i should maybe individually price everything so i wouldn't get confused in spitting out prices...you throw too many numbers in my head and i am no good for anything :)
i chose a pretty sweet font i found on a website that suited my accessories. i would have hand written all of them but the clock told me to go with the easy route via the ill tempered studio photocopying machine. i used a thicker craft paper mostly 'cause i've always enjoyed craft paper, especially after seeing how neato it looks during the sales we organized earlier this year. i'll be using my decorative scissors to spruce it up a pinch and using a white cotton thread to pin them to the items.

now i must leave you for the last leg of this marathon. i have to admit i get kind of anxious at the end of long sewing days. in fact my ed gein machine begins to sound like the birds from a pretty cute stop animation video i came across, which is what i will leave you with... 'cause i'm nice like that.
hope all you true hearts out there can make it out to tomorrow's sale!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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