Apr 28, 2011

sewing marathon: day two

don't tell my Ed Gein Machine that i've escaped! i just had to break away for a tea break and to give your lovely faces a bit of eye candy. yesterday i finally put together a wee workshop space for myself, it's still kind of bare but i'll be making it extra yumsville over the summer.

 i had a lot of things to sew up for the upcoming craft sale on saturday but could you believe nearly an entire day wasn't enough? yeesh.
at about 11 pm last night i was beginning to get a little bored with sewing up so much but i have to admit it's pretty neato how much i've done. way faster than crocheting that's for sure! all the scarflettes and cowls i've had sitting in my suitcase are officially done and ready for the sale.

many of these are pretty cozy and lightweight to wear during chilly fall nights or early spring days. but  with this funny cold weather we've been having lately around here, i can only hope people will really enjoy these toasty things. i used mostly recycled materials, patches from sample books and all sorts of leather, wooden and plastic buttons i found in my button collection which i have still no clue where they all came from.

now i'm on day two of this sewing marathon and onto cuter things.
these are a new breed of monsters for me. unlike my crochet monsters (which will also be at the sale), these guys are more likely to have animal fur, different kinds of horns and arms with big but gentle claws. when i silkscreened these onto the unbleached muslin, i couldn't help but to laugh at how happy and adorable they all were. the four kinds have different names which i've nearly done embroidering onto cutie scroll banners with teeny hearts. i have this theory about naming monsters: they should have names that are fun to say or just rolls out off your tongue easily.
again, these will be sold at the craft sale and just fyi: my monsters are age friendly :)

my tea cup is nearly empty and i'm sure my Ed Gein machine is beginning to catch on so peek on here tomorrow and see what else i'll have in store for the sale.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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