May 9, 2011

feathery thrift finds

as i promised, here are some more thrifty finds that came home with me earlier in the year.
i'm kind of big on a few things when it comes to vintage and thrift finds, which maybe totally includes figurines, birds and owls.

these birdies were just to lovely to pass up on and make my bathroom a little more interesting. the two birds on a branch reminds me of something that would be from a neoclassical painting. the pair of cuddling doves were actually bought separate times. i limited myself for the one dove but then at another thrift store just weeks later i came across the other one for nearly half the price! it's both great and horrible when that happens.

this hot plate made me laugh out loud in the re use center. i don't even know why i was peeking in the hot plate section but i'm glad i was to find this one. the owl and little acorns are pretty cute but then what the tile plate says just popped my bum ticker. it actually fell out out of the frame and had  to be glued back in but i'm hanging onto this when i get my dream kitchen.

the top two owls were just too pretty, made of porcelain yum! i actually haven't lit that candle in there yet but i plan on using it after the wax is all gone to put any extra loonies and toonies i may  have in my pockets at the end of the day. as for the owl figurine, the feather detailing is so well made right down to its talons. the little guy was given to me but of course he's a keeper. i put a quarter beside him to show just how itty bitty he is! i'm not quite sure when he may have been made but his flocked skin is in superb condition.

i have no idea what this guy's original use was. it's only about 5"inches tall and has a loop coming out just under his feet, almost like a spoon should have gone there. well now in 2011, he's being used as a place for my hot iron. this was one purchase that i bought right away without really thinking through of how i could use it or where i could put it. when i got home i set it beside my hot iron and blam! it was for my hot iron. the scalloped pattern on his chest is pretty neat.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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