May 15, 2011

James st. North art crawl

one promise i made to myself this summer is to try my hardest to make it out to more arts and crafts related events and what better way to start that promise than going to the James st. North art crawl in hamilton.

the graduating textile ladies  held their own show and everything looked fantastic! the building that housed their skills from the non stop rain was still being worked on but it only added to the overall collections of these ladies. rachel morrison was interested in how people would interact with her piece. the torn up and exposed original wall paper blended her foiled and silk screened paper remnants so well that some people would simply walk right by it without giving it a second glance.
keiley stewart's animal heads were a big attraction. suspended from the ceiling were her needle and hand felted rabbit, lion and fox heads for people to slip into and get their picture taken, including this simple girl.
katie walker's lovely scarves and necklaces were hung up just perfectly as they were in the on campus gallery opening. i'm kind of bummed that i didn't get a shot of her crochet wire  and paper slugs, they were almost hidden in a little gap of exposed concrete. check out her blog to see pictures of these ladies setting up the show and miss walker's new work, whoah sweetsville!

i loved going through the buildings (which all seemed to be under construction or renovation and it was just dandy) to see all kinds of skills was pretty amazing. i saw some amazing sweaters by preloved which made one of my guy friend's wish he was a girl to wear some of them and some pretty fantastic pieces of art in all kinds of media. i'd stand two feet away from some pieces and try and figure out what materials were used or what kind of processes like corinne duchesne's "collide" piece on mylar. these mixed media pieces were huge and freaking beautiful. since we use mylar in the studio for screen exposure, i knew exactly what it must have felt like to work on its surface. kind of like plastic semi transparent sheet of plastic, i've only really worked with water soluable graphite and india ink with it but duchense used paints on it and i think dye water on it. i stared at this piece for easily ten minutes.

there aren't too many times that i make my way into hamilton but i've heard from some classmates of the white elephant shop and made sure to pop in there, oh and also they had kittens in the window for the art crawl! oh goodness greatness i can see why there is so much talk about this place, it's basically partly what one of my three goals in life looks like! my main goals in my life are the following:
- make and craft and smile a lot of the time till i'm le mort
- own a crafts/music shop in montreal and run workshops, yums!
- and retire in lovely iceland to keep smiling, making and drink more teas
walking through that lovely shop made me write down some mental notes for my own. the touches of vintage clothing, house accessories and books tickled my old soul. the homey hardwood floors and bright palette of the store overall made their displays and everything they had to offer from all kinds of artists and makers pop just a little louder.

it was pretty packed in there considering the event but i tried to take my time in looking at everything, which made me come across a familiar name. i read about rosalyn's beautiful crochet wire and thread necklaces but to see them up close kind of maybe made me extra smiley for this lady. she and i became pretty close sharing only a short time as classmates in my first year of textiles and kept in touch. rumour was it that she was in this shop only moments before i got to it but completely missed her, making it official: she's my polkaroo. believe this lady, i will see you face this year!

i haven't talked much about shop stuff lately but don't think my brains have stopped. my bum ticker is pumping out all kinds of ideas and my brains are making them more exciting for summertime crafttimes.
i had quite a few things left over from the on campus craft sale but won't be putting those up for sale just yet. in the mean time i've been working on a mega hugs +luvs stuffie the last little while mainly 'cause of one reason: a wee vacation must be had!
i've worked pretty hard this year to overcome a handful of obstacles that were thrown my way and the mother went pretty awesome and rewarded me with a little vacation time out to vancouver to see the brother.
i'm pretty pumped to get out there and see those mountains. being raised by a couple of spanish keep-your-body-pure kind of hippies with nomadic tendencies, i was on a plane before i was a year old. i've seen the ocean a handful of times and have seen the tops of the andes another handful of times but i have yet to see anything on the west side of my world. i've been told already that despite the surprise rainy days, i may not want to come back but i promised my teeny workshop that i would. i hunted out my old 35mm yashika camera and came across a few rolls of film so i'll be documenting a lot of the trip oldschool style. that being said i will have my digital camera handy for blogging purposes...when i get the time to blog of course. 

the brother and i have quite a few things penciled already but today he asked me if i was interested in yarn bombing at all (yea, he's funny like that.) a friend of his just so happens to organize the maker faire: vancouver edition and she's getting a group of people together to go on a yarn bombing bonanza!
i had complete intention of crocheting on the flight over and any down time we may have during my stay. whether to do small crofitti tags or a couple of large ones, but this little bit of news is pretty exciting. trust that i'll be readying a large ball of awesomeness to bring with me. to be a part of yarn bombing mob may make my face pop right off with hard smiles. 
so this funny little blog may quiet down for the next few weeks but i'll keep the facebook page and group (before it becomes extinct!) updated with mini posts of pictures and who knows what heart tickling things.

it's kind of funny that it's been raining for almost three days now here and i'll be going to a place where it rains quite often making this video for tallest man on earth's "it will follow the rain" perfectly fitting don't you think?

internally yours,
sister valentine

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