May 28, 2011

yarn bombing sunday

i've been up to a fair amount with the brother, just walking and biking around vancouver which i'll have to write about another time, but i just had to squeeze in a shorty post about this yarn bombing bonanza i'll be a part of tomorrow.

i'm intensely pumped for this! it'll be in the pretty run down hastings st. in vancouver so to see all kind of color sprinkled throughout the street will look lovely! trust that i'll be going shutter nutty that day, maybe even get my brother to do a wee bit of recording with his ace camera.

before i cam to vancouver i made up a ball of yarn for tagging to be about the size of a large dog's head.

after working on a few tags, the ball has dwindled down to the size of a small dog's head and i fear i may need more for tomorrow...maybe.
i'll have to make do with what i have i guess but a little birdie told me that i may get a bit of donated yarn which is always appreciated.
if you happen to be in the vancouver area, check out the site for more information.
i'll be there with my bum ticker going a mile a minute and my smile beaming out of my skull tomorrow!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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