Jul 5, 2011

another craft sale in the works!

last weekend i was part of a little local arts festival in Kerr Village in Oakville. i completely didn't think anything of it being not only a long weekend, but canada's day was the day before and the same weekend was the Pride festivals going on in Toronto,  it was quiet but fun none the less and i have to admit that with my handmade banner, my table looked pretty cute.

i brought out my fall and winter scarflettes to fill up some table space but for this other sale i'll be at in Mississauga, i'll just be selecting the lighter ones. i doubt too many faces would think of scarves in the summer...well maybe my fellow scarf friends.

i've been working on some new stuff again for this other sale and i'm glad to announce the addition of more boy-friendly crafts!
since i started my funny little shop in december of '08, i wanted to have things that were more boy-friendly so my stuff wasn't just targeted to the ladyfaces, that being said, i think not being a boy made it hard to think of what boys would like to own that is handmade and one of a kind. the winter is a little easier with hobo gloves, scarflettes and hats but every summer i've kind of rattled my brains for the boys.
with the notepads i got while in vancouver, i collaged them to be neither too feminine or masculine and i think i've done a pretty good job at it.

this weekend's craft sale will be at the Rock the Coliseum festival which is a free all ages music and arts festival so this week i've thought of you boys especially for the new crafts i've been working on. 
for one of the sales during last year, someone had donated a gingantor bag full of cut up t shirts. i instantly remembered of this tutorial i saw of how to make jersey yarn for rug making. i tore up a few colors and put them in a bag and kind of forgot about them until recently when i came across the bag when organizing my workshop a little more (it seems almost endless!) 
some pieces were short and others longer but i did what i can to make some pretty neat little bracelets. i have a few guy friends who wear bracelets now and then so i figured some other boys would dig them too.

i did a crochet chain stitch and hand sewed an inch or so width of fabric over the knots to make it look a little cleaner. i love how these turned out and the fact that they're made with used materials always tickles my bum ticker, infact i maybe will have to make on for myself. i've made a small batch of them but hopefully i'll have time to make a few more.

the second boy friendly craft my funny brains rattled out was the wallet. now i've been told that the wallet can be kind of daunting for only an intermediate sewer like yours internally but i wanted to give it a shot. i figured there is always an easier way to make things and i think i found it...that or i'm better at sewing that i thought, fun!

i made one as a tester last night, thinking i had it down but it came out a pinch wonky. fixable but wonky, so after knowing exactly how to sew it i'm pretty happy with what i've come up with. today i'll be embroidering on the front side of some of the ones i've already cut up and begin a sewing party tomorrow. they're kind of a feat to make and with a snap closure, i'll only be making about 6 or 7 for this weekend's sale.

the great thing about this sale this weekend is not only is it all local vendors but also i'll be there for both friday and sunday. oh you know what else is neat? Kay tor will be joining me on sunday! 
she's been working on some pretty awesome stitching stuffs so keep an eye out for her stuff if you can make it out this weekend.

i know i've blogged with this video of Friendly Fires before but it seems fitting for this blog and also i like little bones...oh and thirdly, just check out those moves!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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