Jun 27, 2011

summer on paper

earlier in the year my pretty old love of paper was re-ignited with some of the collages we were doing in our surface design class. this and my troubles of finding more guy friendly crafts pushed some pretty neat ideas out from my brains for summer projects.
with a local art sale in the books for this weekend, i'm readily on my way to having some papery crafts ready for the sale.
for the valentine's day on campus sale my class organized last year, i had a bit of time to make up some real cute and cheesy valentine cards. me and my bum ticker had some laughs thinking of some cutie lines to go along with some collaged pictures taken from vintage science and other text books. knowing i wanted to work with paper this summer, this fun created the everyday valentine card. why do you have to show you care about someone especially just for the one day? these handmade cards and envelopes will take care of just that.

I took some real nice water color paper and cut them down to about 3" x 4" then made some envelopes a little larger to put them in. I added a little punched out heart on the flap and little square of double sided tape to seal in that little heartbeat. It took me a bit to figure out just how to make an envelope but i won that round :) i'll definitely be using the old science book i picked up at the re-use center a while ago.

for my second papery goodness i'll be working on for the wee sale are these pretty handy little note pads i got while in vancouver. i use one of these now and these for fonts, pattern making or just little note to self. they're small at almost 3" x 4" so they can be thrown into a bag or slid into a pocket to be ready for any bouts of inspiration or ideas. it'll be fun working on the surface of that lovely thick brown craft paper which is kind of a fav of mine.

before i forget...again, in my vancouver adventures post i forgot to mention we went down to seattle and portland and i left my mark on a couple of places in seattle.

the first: kurt cobain's house.
nirvana was such a giant part of my brother's and mine teen years that we just had to go to his house. we made some sandwiches and sat on one of the benches for lunch, recollecting how it was to be so young and so much into the grunge scene in boring southern ontario surburbia.
the second: the fremont troll
a friend was down in seattle last year and was super awesome in tagging a few places for me. when i got to the fremont troll i barely paid attention to it 'cause i was excited to see if her yarn bomb was there or not. when i got to the railing bam! it was right there and it made me so happy to see how much it changed in a year. i had a piece ready and just added to it. i didn't have any tags to pin to it but left a few of my stickers in the yarn bomb.

with all this new stuff happening in the shop, there is one little sad note i must share with your true heart...
remember when i was super pumped about getting mine and Kay tor's proposal picked for the new sheridan campus? well there was some changes and all i will say is that sadly in the end, our project was pulled entirely from the campus. bummer right? not entirely for craft dorks like ourselves 'cause we have plans for that little mushroom party. we had way too much fun working together and saw that there was a lot of interest in the piece coming from everyone who saw it, we just couldn't let it die. i don't want to jinx the plans we have for it so that's all you'll hear of that...for now.

so i leave you with a pretty catchy tune by Danger Beach. the video kind of maybe tickled me pretty hard 'cause of the paper textures it has but the fact that it's made to look like one continuous cylinder is pretty amazing.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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