Apr 25, 2012

gallery opening success!

better late than never: to everyone who came out to the gallery opening last week, mega thank you from the top of my heart for coming out and supporting my graduating class!

this was technically my first gallery showing and although at first it didn't quite feel like a real gallery opening, when i got to the gallery and saw how packed it was with all sorts of faces i didn't know it finally hit me: this is a gallery show.
i'm glad that everything came together in the end to make a fantastic night and could not thank the lovely true hearts that have supported the last three years of my life in this pretty great and exciting new career path.

everyone's pieces looked wonderful and some of us even had some pieces sold by the end of the night. I couldn't put my quilt for sale just yet, i have to hang onto it partly 'cause it'll be in a show later in the summer with some of my ladyfaces and also 'cause of how tight that heart string is tied to it. i'll learn to sell off some other pieces i've made but this one will be mine for a few years at most. working on it for almost three months was kind of struggle but in the end i'm proud to call that piece mine. i folded it up in so many different ways to work on it that i never actually knew the size of it until i walked to the back of the gallery and saw that it had its own wall...woops?
maybe i should probably also learn how to not put SO much heart into the art pieces i make so i can let them go a little easier.

sunday was the take down of the show, which only took about two hours with the help of about 10 hands. it was kind of fun to help out in that, seeing a few friends and helping them out with their pieces. it made me think i may volunteer with gallery take downs in the future perhaps with the OCC.
check out my flickr to see more shots of the wonderful pieces that were shown.

this week has been the first official week done with school...but not quite...kind of. like last year, i'm doing the on campus craft sale happening this saturday so i'm using this week for production. when i had a bit of time away from school work and quilt work a few weeks before the opening, i spun off a few new pairs of hobo gloves. last year at the sale the few i had did pretty well considering it was much warmer then. this year, late spring doesn't seem to want to make room for summer just yet which is ok by me. these gloves are so perfect for chilly sunny days like the ones we've had in southern ontario. i may even bring out my scarflettes to the sale since many of them are pretty light weight for this kind of weather.

yesterday i worked on most of my displaying junk, giving a white wash/antique paint job on the new little crates i got recently and the other trays and baskets i've used before.
my one class i had this semester was so inspiring to really get my image and aesthetic down for my sister valentine line and it filtered out into my displaying. if you've noticed the recent little revamp of the blog, i'm really big on white on craft paper. to carry that out for the sale this saturday i'll have a craft paper table top and all the display stuff white and antique-like.

today's special will be collaging notebooks and bookmark sets which i'll tweet about later so keep them eyes peeled!
i'm putting in some long hours on this craft life and i absolutely love it! the best ritual this simple girl could ask for: wake up, teatimes and start making!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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