Jun 19, 2012

mission craftlife: engage!

this month has been pretty dizzy busy in my craftlife, hence the forever ago last post.

after the kind of overwhelming grad show in toronto, some of my fellow ladies and i were asked to yabber on about our handmade life in textiles for FiberQuarterly, an online magazine...whoah neat.
the opportunity to tell the textile world what we, a very new to the crowd little group of ladies, have to say about what we have in store for our lives is way exciting.
having the little bit of help to get my name out there into the tactile field is from the top of my heart appreciated and to have it put out there through a great publication brings my bum ticker to near popping status.
our stories aren't posted just yet but trust that i'll brag a little when it is.

these next two weeks are going to be an overload of craftlife and it feels over the moon fantastic.
this weekend i'll be taking part of the craftsale held during the Oakville Ribfest which happens to be on Sheridan's trafalgar campus...i guess i'm not quite done school?
three days of intense eats, free local entertainment and a big chunk of handmade goodies from mega talented artisans and makers. many of them happen to be friendly faces which makes this whole production month a little nicer. a few of us have kept in touch through tweets and texts about how things are going, what we have planned to make, sharing any crafting tips and reminders to stop production for eating.

in the last few weeks i've been working on some crochet heart keychains and linen envelope pouches for iphone or ipod cozies, mentioned in Freedom's Made in Canada blog post last month. each have an inside flap to put some essential cards in, using up my collection of "too small to use but too big to throw out" scraps.

in this last week i started on canvas envelope clutches again using coffee as a natural dye. at first i thought of maybe doing these for ipad sleeves but i decided to shrink them down a bit and leave the ipad sleeves for later.
i have a few other new things set for this weekend's sale but i guess you'll just have to come out to see what they are.

after this craft sale, i'll be part of a new gallery show in toronto with some of my lovely ladies heartwarmingly called "Potluck" at Gallery 1313 in the queen st. west area.
i'll be showing my Spaceboy moon quilt once again but this time it may look a pinch different...mostly 'cause there is a price tag on it this time. i know i before said i was going to hang onto this one for a number of years but i also know i must learn to let go of some pieces. and heck yes even the ones that have the heart string tied to me the tightest. i guess it's a sort of exercise for my craft heart of sorts, something i need to get used to doing in this simple little craftlife i've made for myself.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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